Risk Management

To enable our clients to use our outsourcing services with peace of mind, we have established a permanent compliance system. We make a group-wide effort to properly manage and maintain this system.
To assure the safety of employees at the head office and engineers, we implement measures to prevent the leakage of personal information and confidential company information, in preparation for unforeseen circumstances that involve risks.

  • 1. Healthcare measures
    We strive to ensure safe and secure outsourcing by taking measures to help employees to manage their health status and to prevent lifestyle-related illnesses. This effort involves offering employees various kinds of medical examinations at the time of hiring, on a regular basis, and under special circumstances, as well as setting up a health check system involving public health nurses.
  • 2. Harassment measures
    Through harassment training for all employees, we are raising awareness about instances of harassment in contemporary society and also about measures to combat harassment. In addition, by setting up an in-house consultation service (run by a psychological counselor) and a system for reporting and consulting with a third-party legal firm, whenever any incident of harassment occurs the matter can be addressed and resolved promptly.
  • 3. Measures to counter anti-social forces
    We are a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Federation for Measures to Prevent Specific Violence (a public utility foundation) as part of its exhaustive efforts to cut off all relationships with criminal or anti-social forces. We check to ensure that all our clients and suppliers are free of “anti-social” connections and take measures to exclude organized crime influence from the company and to avoid damage caused by rumors. In doing this, we recognize that a contributing factor to such issues is the deterioration of ethical standards within a company.