Declaration of Health and Productivity Management

COPRO-HOLDINGS. Co., Ltd. and COPRO-ENGINEERD. Co., Ltd. hereby declare that they are working with determination to create a work environment in which each and every one of their employees can work in good physical and mental health, energetically, excitedly, and sustainably.
All employees must be healthy in order to seriously work with ambition and to accomplish their goals proudly, utilizing all their ability. Through the following four efforts, we will not only become more health conscious, but also aim to be a company that makes a generous social contribution, by raising the health consciousness of all stakeholders connected to us.

[Action priorities for promoting health]
1. Understanding employees’ state of health
After analyzing the results of medical examinations and assessing the health of employees, we will consider and implement appropriate measures.
2. Implementing training activities by rank and by gender
For maintaining and promoting health, we will classify employees by rank and by gender and provide health-related training tailored to each individual.
3. Improving health consciousness by providing information
We will regularly send our employees health-related information to help them develop a deeper knowledge and awareness of health issues.
4. Practicing a regular and balanced diet
We will support anyone who wishes to improve their diet or eating habits.

* Health and Productivity Management is a registered trademark of non-profit organization Kenkokeiei.

Enacted May 1, 2020


Kosuke Kiyokawa, CEO