Basic Policy Against Anti-social Forces

We declare the following basic policies in order to block all relations, including dealings with anti-social forces pursuing economic interests through the use of violence, force, or fraudulent means.

  • We strive to nurture and instill awareness among all executives and employees regarding the blocking of relations with anti-social forces, and eliminate completely any relationship with anti-social forces through a firm stance taken by all executives and employees.
  • We confront anti-social forces as one organization led by our top management.
    We ensure the safety of officers and employees who confront improper demands made by anti-social forces.
  • In order to prevent damage caused by anti-social forces, we respond in an organized and appropriate manner in cooperation with external specialist organizations such as the police, the Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan, and law offices.
  • We do not accommodate any unreasonable demands made by anti-social forces. We take resolute legal measures against them.
  • We do not provide funds to anti-social forces nor engage in any unlawful transactions.