The copro group has established a set of compliance rules to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, etc., in accordance with relevant legal norms. We also ensure that the Group’s ethical codes and basic policies are respected, to maintain high ethical standards in the execution of all corporate activities.
In addition, as and when necessary, we implement compliance training to provide executives and other employees with knowledge of the Worker Dispatch Law, other labor-related laws, and other relevant laws.

Internal reporting system
We have also established a compliance manual under the compliance rules, and we set up reporting points of contact both inside and outside the company.
These whistle-blower points of contact are available to all executives and employees. The system guarantees that the privacy of persons making a report and all other parties involved will be protected and that they will not suffer any disadvantageous treatment as a result of reporting or cooperating in the verification of the facts of the matter.
The external reporting point of contact is outsourced to a legal firm.