Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

Advancing our core business of construction engineer staffing

The copro group is exhaustively strengthening its sales to corporations, focusing on the “big five” construction companies. We also plan to build a stable revenue base for the medium and long term by constantly supplying not only experienced staff, but also new graduates and (inexperienced) mid-career workers who have completed initial training.

The most important element for the advancement of this strategy is the recruitment of human resources capable of becoming high value-added engineers. To attract recruits, we have to compete not only with other companies in the same industry but also with construction companies. For this reason, we are working on corporate branding to help job seekers compare and choose us over other options. At the same time, we are working on a personnel system and on workplace creation to allow job seekers to flexibly design their own future in accordance with their inclinations and home environment, which tend to change with age.

Growth in engineer staffing for plants and field sales of human resource development functions

In assigning engineering staff for plants, we can utilize our skill in construction engineer staffing to enable growth in this business sector. We expect to see further growth in this field over the coming years. Also, since the level of skill and experience required by plant companies varies widely, we plan to bolster sales activities by forming alliances with major companies and utilizing sales methods that involve assigning staff teams composed of both skilled and young employees. Like this, we will strive to continually and steadily increase the number of transactions with plant operators and to develop the human resources needed to facilitate this strategy. To actively promote this business, we have set up a number of our branches specializing in plant engineering, in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kitakyushu.

As we expand our recruitment of new graduates and mid-career (inexperienced) job seekers, we are increasing the number of instructors and classes at our “Kantoku No Tane” training facilities in Tokyo, Chiba, Nagoya, and Osaka. As our relationship with a client company deepens, we will focus increasingly on “temp to perm”* placements to help clients secure the human resources they need. We also aim to play a part in the recruitment and human resource development function of our clients, by training the personnel recruited by the copro group in our in-house HR development department and by continually assigning these people to the client company as “temp to perm” positions.

* “Temp to perm” staffing is a type of job placement in which a job seeker looking for a permanent position is matched to a company seeking permanent staff, with the prior understanding that the initially temporary position may be converted to a permanent one.

New developments in temporary staffing business

(1) HR development business

Under a concept similar to supplying staff to plant companies, we are expanding our range of partner companies beyond the construction field, to help make recruitment, training, and temporary staffing in these new areas a pillar of profitability for our HR business.

(2) Older person, etc. employment activation business

Using information technology and other advanced technologies, we are creating more job opportunities for women and older people. As part of our efforts to help people that wish to continue working for a more secure financial future, we want to provide job opportunities for those who wish to return to the workforce after marriage and childbirth or who have useful skills but are approaching retirement.

(3) Foreign worker training and staffing business

After establishing an overseas base for our core business of construction engineer staffing, we also intend to harness some of the abundant human resources available overseas for application in Japan.
By combining the above business developments and advancing the recruitment, training, and temporary staffing business models cultivated by the entire copro group, we want to provide a one-stop HR business capable of meeting a broad range of our clients’ needs.

Acquisitions/mergers, business alliances, and pioneering new businesses

As a matter of policy, in the coming years, the copro group is looking to mergers and acquisitions, new venture startups, and business alliances, as important means for enabling the group to expand its HR and peripheral businesses and enter into new fields of business.